AWPclan Admin Application
Before you proceed please make sure you are over 16 years of age, have no VACs or Game Bans on your steam account(s), have over 50 hours in CS:S on one steam account, have clean record (no deserved bans or mutes) on AWPclan servers and have at least 10 hours of active play on one of our servers. We don't give away admin privileges easily but once we do it's for long term and only true CS:S players are selected, those that are really here to stay and take care of servers helping this clan reach new heights. Admin applications take up to 72h to process depending on information provided and the amount of free time Councils have when your application is submitted. We will get back to you over email with decision and breif explanation why your admin request was approved or denied. Our decisions are based on your player history, your conduct on our servers and on other servers, your ban record etc. If you are a CS:S skilled player and you want to apply for admin, we what you to know we appreciate that and we want to give admin to players with skills and 'good eyes' but what we appreciate even more then skills in person looking for admin position is high moral standards, common sense, strenght of character and general overall chillness. We want people that are real, mature and honest, skills are secondary asset. We wish you good luck with your application and we are looking forward administrating with you!

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Thank you for interest in AWPclan Admin!